About Katerina

Meet Katerina Delegas, an artist with over 40 years experience, head instructor, and the founder and inspiration behind Art by Katerina.

Having been born and raised in Greece, Katerina had the luxury of being surrounded by the beauty of the Aegean and Ionian Seas with crystal clear water, thousands of islands and mountains that reach the clouds, fairytale forests, lakes and rivers …  let alone the beautiful villages and towns, with a completely different architecture from place to place. This ultimately drove her artistic inspiration! As Katerina developed her technique from a young age, she spent her spare time drawing, painting and filling sketchbooks where she was most comfortable expressing herself through art in place of words.

“Art was words….art made sense….art was my language.”

After moving to the United States, she was able to formally train with the DeCordova Museum Art School, which helped enrich her passion for art. She continued her education over the years to solidify her skills by attending workshops and trainings. She found a position as an art teacher at the Little Halo’s School in Arlington, MA, where she refined her instruction with a focus on teaching children. She then developed an after-school program at the Armenian Sisters Academy in Lexington, MA, where she pursued program development in the area of children’s art education. Since then, other initiatives include fundraising for fundraising for the Belmont Community Education Department and the Lexington Public Schools where she provides on-going painting opportunities for teachers as part of their wellness program.

Katerina’s Gallery

Katerina’s Gallery